Last Month
A little over a month ago, my 92 year old grandmother took a turn for the worse. The cancer was winning.
The family sat down and realized that she couldn't stay by herself, which she agreed with. They gave her a choice of staying and getting a nurse or trying to find an assisted care center for her. It was all her choice.

They toured a few places and she decided on one of them. As she was being shown the little suite/room thing where she would live, she commented to my uncle, "This is nice, but I'll only be here for thirty days."

Last Week
Tuesday night things were bad. My uncle had been with her all day and then my aunt came and took over the night shift. She was up all night with her.
At 6am, my uncle came back to relieve her.

He sat by her bedside, holding her hand, and keeping her forehead cool with a washcloth. An hour later, she passed away as he sat there with her. Reportedly she smiled as she exhaled her last breath with her eldest son by her side holding her hand.

She had been there exactly thirty days.

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