First rule of Wine Club
When you run out of wine, there's always scotch.

Wine Club: Sauvignon Blanc
We had a fine Wine Club this past Sunday. A lot of people were out of town, but we were able to hobble together about ten folks and drank a nice collection of Sauvignon Blancs.
dude. you were smashed.After we cleaned out all the wine and a good bit of scotch (plus all the Girl Scouts cookies) we made our way to the Fortune House in Brooklyn Heights for a late dinner of Peking Duck.
It was all good.

Oh, the wine
The majority was from New Zealand, but we also had a couple from France (I hear they make wine) and one from South Africa and one from South America.

The New Zealand ones were all big and fruity. The French were appropriately delicate and serene.
The NZ ones I would have with spicy Indian food and the French ones would go with seafood - the shrimp/crab variety.
Your results may vary.

So, without further ado, here were our faves:

First place
Coopers Creek
Marlborough NZ (9$)
It loves food, this wine
A medley of fruit
Does not taste like apples

Second Place
Matua Valley
Marlborough NZ
Sharp. Goes good with spicy meat
Tastes like applesauce

Third Place
Pascal Jolivet
Sancerre, Loire, France
Tastes like French
Mellow & haughty
Like a pear
Minerals perhaps
Springtime and freshly mown grass

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