If Tim isn't wearing pants
It must be Saturday.

My Review of HapRobCon2005
Kudos to Nate & Tim for hosting an awesome little get together in their suite at the Chelsea hotel - it was a nice turn out, and I think everyone had a fine time.
I think I did.
All I know is that suddenly it was 3:15am and I was really tired.
And had the hiccups.

Everyone looked hot.

I raise my robot glass to you all.

You should read Stu's review of the night.

The dangers of having all this
It's tough when you have all this, and then offer it all to Tim, and he ignores your offer.

Find that white girl!!
Man, I don't want to rag on someone when they have lost a loved one, but that poor drunk girl that is missing in Aruba - was it really necessary to send a team from the FBI to help out? Do they normally do that?
I mean, if they do, more power to them. But, I just don't think the FBI will come running when I vanish from somewhere.

What I am saying is that it appears that we really jump when there's a nice white girl in distress.

Oh Aruba
Secret message to someone: Did the FBI come running when you lost your girlfriend?

World Clique
I like how everyone says their country is the best and their religion is the best.

The other day I had this theory that the point of religion was to divide up humans into little groups that could then wage war on the other groups and voila! Population control.
Cranky cranky!

Tape Club
I finished my TapeClub entry finally. There were all sorts of issues with the volume balance - due mainly to a few tracks being iTunes store purchases. I know that iTunes claims that they have that sound check feature, but it doesn't work if you are buring CDs combined with other MP3 files (MP3 files that were normalized with the brilliant MP3Gain). No really. I went through about 10 CDs until I got it right.
You could have had all this, but you blew your chance. Then removed your pants.

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