Copy + Paste
Is there a term for when you copy and paste a word or phrase into an email and then make sure the formatting is all the same so it doesn't look like you copy and pasted it?
I do this all the time at work since we handle some products with funny French and Italian names that I can never spell correctly.

Is there a term for just the opposite - when you don't do that? That annoys the snap out of me. When I was in Orlando, I was a customer that was the target of many vendors. I gave business cards out and have received a few calls and emails since - too many that were like this:

Dear Mr. Robot,
It was a pleasure to speak with you at Super-Database-Software-Con-2005 in Orlando recently. We'd be very interested in following up with you with your needs for handling retail account data synergy metric applications.

Bob Vendor, CEO

Stupid Laptop
I already wrote this post once but my stupid laptop with its stupid "no warning low battery" feature ate it. Alas.
Somehow the saved fragment thing in Word isn't working either.

Dance Dance Revolution
This is like a week old and I meant to post it on Robot Filter - but I loved Supreme Court nominee John Robert's crazy dancing son.

Speaking of Robot Filter
FYI: when people post duplicate posts, they get ribbed for doing it - no matter what. I have posted dupes fairly often and people always call me on it.
I suppose it's that snotty, stupid blahosphere one-upmanship of who discovers the latest interweb item first.

Roof decks
People who have roof decks and invite bunches of people over to eat dinner on said roof deck - those are good people.

Hello ZipCar
Today I broke down and applied for a membership at ZipCar after talking to our pal Josh last weekend who raved and raved about it.
It's a really great idea: the company has cars in parking lots and garages all over the city. You apply and pay your $50 annual membership fee, then they send you a little key-fob-esque do-hickey.

When you need car, you go onto their website and find a car that you want and is available to be reserved. Through the magic of robots and internets and crazy radio waves, the actual car is told to now let you in during your reserved time.
You go and find the car, and your fob lets you get into the car.
Gas is included. Unlimited miles. Fully insured.

Oh, and the geeky boy thing is that the cars are way cooler than the local Hertz - they have sporty Mazada's, Volvos, Mini Coopers, Volkswagens, and a whole host of other nifty little cars.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Little Astronaut Bus
The other morning on the news, the reporter guy was talking about the space shuttle launch - he was going on about what the astronauts have to do to prepare and where they go and what not. He said: "and then they get on their little astronaut bus and head to the launch pad".
That wouldn't be a bad band name: Little Astronaut Bus

By the time you read this

I am now on vacation. When we arrive in sunny beach-towne, I have the following planned:
- Swim in ocean
- Get sunburned
- Swim in pool
- Play with baby nephew
- Drink wine
- Go to bed early
- Lazy river
- Drink champagne
- Jungle themed mini-golf
- Drink beer
- Eat seafood
- Nap
- Build sand castle
- Crazy water slide
- Show my father Google Earth

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brooklyn: a clean trailer park ocean. i miss you already.

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