Go Team!
I am on a train heading back home. The troops are motivated.
The past 48 hours have just been harried - but I will save you all the diary details of it.
My head hurts. My stomach hurts. My butt, oddly enough, hurts. My legs hurt. My neck is sore. Last night I should of not gone into the one room where the new SVP of the company wrapped her arm around me and guided me to the bar where a row of shots were waiting.
I should have ditched right before then. Those shots were unnecessary (although very tasty).
When the CEO had me text-messaging people back in the city.. that was probably unnecessary.
Then there were the mojitos.

72 hours indoors
That's why I felt so discombobulated. We were in the casino city/complex the whole time - the faux-sky ceiling deceiving us into thinking we were outside.
It makes you feel funky.

Poor people on TV
I watched a bit of the hurricane coverage on a few stations in my spare time. Man, some of those "reporters".
Who's that one that looks like Linda Trip? CNN I think...
She's a retard. Straight up.
I caught a few minutes of her where she had like a dozen talking-head experts who she would juggle to the point of hilarity.

Linda Trip Looking Tard: Steve, how will New Orleans ever get back together?
Steve: Well, Linda Trip, they will need to first get the water out.
Linda Trip Looking Tard: Doug, what is exactly water made of?
Doug: Water comes from the ocean and the sky in the form of rain..
Linda Trip Looking Tard: Cindy, how will the White House deal with this disaster involving water in the ocean?
Cindy: Well, it's not just the water, but it's the animals in the ocean - the ones that eat things who may or may not live in the ocean.

Granted, who cares about the idiot TV news people. This hurricane f*cked up the Mississippi delta big time.
Donate to the Red Cross.

Yays and Nays on the AC
· My second hotel room was a corner one with windows on both sides. It rocked.
· The driver who took me to Philadephia (don't ask) was very entertaining.
· Dinner at Old Homestead
· Dinner at the goofy Cuban place in the hotel was actually very good
· The shrimp & grits at the first night's restaurant
· I didn't lose any money gambling (granted, I didn't gamble)
· The air show that happened outside my hotel window involving jets zooming around in formations
· I didn't throw up on anyone
· I hung out with some nice folks
· The lounge singers were so awfully corny
· My cell phone's battery was good for four days straight (stupid wrong travel charger that Verizon sold me)
· What happens in AC may not necessarily stay in AC if you keep text-messaging all night

· The casino was just nappy
· NJ has like no smoking laws apparently
· I slept like 10 minutes total the whole time
· AC is kind of depressing
· Everything is fake
· Sad old people in the casinos
· Sad middle-age people in the casinos

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11:50pm tuesday. atlantic city. hello from afghanistan

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