What I, person writing, am thankful for
  • Shoes, even ill-fitting ones

  • Quilts and blankets made by grandmothers

  • Boxes of champagne in my kitchen

  • Our snarky cat

  • Brooklyn

  • Joanna and her cooking

  • Cronyism

  • This happyrobot thing

  • Pies

  • Half work days

  • The fact that I am not waking up at 5am to go to Wal-Mart on Friday morning so that I can get a good deal on a DVD player for my SUV

  • My swanky computer

  • This tie I am wearing

  • Irish whiskey on Thanksgiving

  • Foxy wife

  • My infant nephew is crawling around like a nut these days

  • What I, the same person writing, believe in
  • Good wine

  • Good food

  • Sleep

  • Making out

  • Monkeys aren't really as fun as we think

  • Under appreciated writers on the robot
    Stu suggested a group topic today about everyone's underappreciated journal entries. None of mine really stick out as "noteworthy yet didn't get any attention". Or more precise, none of mine seem very noteworthy (Maybe in the internet age, we should say "comment worthy").
    Stu, nice idea nonetheless.

    Then again, FTR and Pony pretty much blew this topic out of the water. Kudos!
    I'll see you both very soon.

    First NYC Thanksgiving
    Since our arrival in NYC in 1783, Mrs. Robot and I have always stayed in town during the turk-day. Our first year here, we had no cash and decided that trying to fly home would cost too much and be too stressful.
    So, we had turk-day with my then roommate Mike, Solstice Kristen, and her Mark at their new furniture-less apartment. We had a turkey and various side dishes, drank Bushmills, and ate on the floor in their empty living room.
    It was a classic, twenty-something great memory.

    Eight years later, we still try to have Bushmills on turk-day, but Mark and Kristen are now on the west coast... Mike is still in our old apartment and now married to his lovely knocked-up wife... and Mrs. Robot and I have been spending the past turk-days with "John Ball" and his lovely crazy-ass-cooking-everything-from-scratch wife.


    Safe Travels All.
    Have fun kicking it "thanks" style.

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