Sad Airplanes
We have flown those little ComAir jets via Delta a lot. I kind of like them since they are the smaller planes and a bit more intimate.
In regards to the Comair jet that crashed Sunday morning the FAA website allows you to look up the records for individual airplanes on their site. Wachovia owned that jet.

Sunday morning some sort of dark space in my brain told me to look up the flight's "status" on the web. I was just curious what the website would say.

Delta Airlines Flight Number 5191 (DL5191)
Airport: LEX
Scheduled Time: 6:00 AM, Aug 27
Actual Time: Not Available

Airport: Atlanta, GA (ATL)
Scheduled Time: 7:18 AM, Aug 27
Actual Time: Not Available

Status: Call Airline

"Call Airline"
That's heartbreaking.

Happy AirplanesI heart beach
We spent the past week with the family at the beach. Good times. The weather wasn't perfect - we had two days of overcast days (and one nutso thunderstorm) - but it didn't stop me from swimming in the ocean and getting sunburned.
FYI: I apparently can't put sunscreen on smoothly. My body is hilariously sunburned.

The family meets at this condo place and my mom reserves this big three bedroom suite. Last year's condo was nice - even though Mrs. Robot and I were stuck in the room with the single beds since my brother and his wife got the other master bedroom because they had a newborn baby.
Our little room was nice and had it's own porch and bathroom and great view of the ocean that the others didn't have.

This year our room (the 'non-having-kids room') didn't have a bathroom connected to it.

It also had flimsy french doors.

It also had no windows.

Apparently the ocean-front three bedroom suites have one bedroom that doesn't have a friggin window in it.
We called it our service closet.
"I'm off to the service closet to go to sleep" I'd say.

It was still a good trip, and honestly I think sleeping in pitch black darkness in a single bed made for some good sleeping in general.
Sadly, we both developed colds at the end of the trip. Let's hope we didn't catch some sort of service closet flu.

Colds vs. Ocean
Halfway through the vacation I developed a slight sniffle. Nothing major, just sort of stopped-up.
My solution was to go swimming in ocean and that seemed to buy me a few hours of snot free living afterwards. I suppose all the salt water and body-surfing induced trauma to the head kept all the snot loosey-goosey.

On the flight home, I used those "Ear Plane" earplugs that I have raved about before. They still work well - unless you are an idiot and put them in late.
My left ear is still not poppy.

Bringing your "A" game
My brother and I adopted these 'pro-wave-surfing' personalities while out in the ocean. We'd pretend to 'feel' the ocean and predict when the waves were coming. Or analyze the wind.
We also did a lot of body-surfing vs. boogie-boarding trash talking.
I called his tiger-themed boogie board a "pussy board".

Good times.

Dean @ Beach

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