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Martin Lawrence will not walk on dirt

It could happen to you
you know what may be the worst movie ever made? that one with nicholas cage when he wins the lottery... It could happen to you. i caught a bit of it last night and sat there for almost an hour mesmerized by it's crappy-ness. here are my complaints in convienent numeric listing.

1. nickCage's character was supposed to be born / and live in queens, but seems to still have his texas-esque drawl from Con-Air (remember that stinker?)

2. the waitress character has, IMHO, a way-too-nice apartment for someone waiting tables at a diner.

3. what was up with rosie perez? who in their right mind ever thought that their characters would get married in the first place? and why does it cast her in such a negative light? it made the white/blonde girl an angel, and rosie perez the devil. eek!

oh. i just read it's a true story. hmmmm.

martin don't walk on dirt
the film's title is about as dumb as the title of the new martin lawrence movie WHAT'S THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN (martin could be in your movie). the reason i mention "maaarrrrttin" is that some pals of mine just finished working on his latest film (not this one, but the next one) and had horror story after horror story about our friend martin. the two stories that stick out are (look, another list)

1. there are two call sheets every day.... one if martin is on set. the other if martin decides not to show up.

2. martin's people sent out a memo about the kinds of surfaces martin will walk on. martin apparently will only walk on certain surfaces... i think they were pavement, gravel, or grass.

enough about eggs, let's get cracking. have a nice weekend lovers.

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