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Accents are relative. I am taking your piss now.

I seen Borats
We saw the Borat movie Saturday night at the BAM theatre (a fine place to see a movie in the 718).
Really, as I mentioned in my Two Sentence Review, one of the best parts was the guy in front of us doing an spit-take during one of the scenes.
Seeing a spray of soda... little sparkly jewels of liquid reflecting the light of the movie screen.. and the reaction of the woman in front of him (she was not so happy).
It was beautiful I must say.

Oh, the movie.
You know. It was funny. It was squirmy. There were parts I wondered how they got past the cutting room (The antique shop? Point?).
Those english sure like taking our pisses!!

The Piss
A few years back I worked for a primarily English owned company and many of my workers were English or actually worked in England.
My joke was that I would always butcher their little sayings.
Me: "I am taking your piss now"
English Guy: "No, no. You have it all wrong - it's.."
Me: (interrupts) "Yes, I know. I am just kidding. I meant to say: I've got your piss now!"
English Guy: (forehead slapping sound (we had very good phone lines))

My plan for turkey
Granted after four plates of food I felt that I was literally in some sort of distress, but I think my overeating Sunday night will prepare me for the official Thanksgiving (USA) in two days.

That should be the plan: Everyone should have a practice thanksgiving before the real deal because part of the attraction of thanksgiving is eating warm, savory food that we only eat once a year.
Sweet potatoes. Cranberry sauce. Dressing. Excessive gravy.

Get that out the way first and then you can enjoy a normal thanksgiving day without distress.

Happy Holidays from Karen & DaisyBless them
Our pals Karen & Daisy hosted the fun dinner party / thanksgiving dinner Sunday night. It was kick-ass. The food was all tasty and I have to hand it to them for successfully preparing something like 239 different dishes for one dinner.

Famine Proof
In regards to the overeating - I suppose this is an issue with getting older and metabolism and all that, but I was still comfortably not hungry Monday night (when we ate leftovers).
Today (Tuesday (or as the kids call it Tootday (kids with candy in their mouth))) I am still feeling comfortably not hungry.

My favorite song (today)

I saw this video on the TeeVee (viva NY Noise!) the other night and you can download it for free from the MySpaces just like the kids do.
Sure. There are cute girls with accents and they are singing about having sex - but it's also a really fun song/video.
MP3: Cansei de Ser Sexy: Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above
YouTube: Video: Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above
Someone's Flickr Account: CSS @ Flickr

BTW - I wouldn't find them nearly as cute if their accents were NJ, or Long Island, or crazy South.
"Ya'll wanna have sex?"

Best Group Photo Ever (today)
Damn dog!

rich are you turning into a dirty old man? those girls look like they are teens! but yes the song is very catchy!
»k ||  11/21/2006 ||  3:48:21 PM
if by "teens" you mean "Brazilian teens" then... yes.
»:r ||  11/21/2006 ||  3:52:16 PM
that's my piss. give it back.

in my mouth.
»chuck berry ||  11/21/2006 ||  3:59:59 PM
I take the pee out of you.
»pony ||  11/21/2006 ||  4:57:55 PM
You have been de-hydrated my friend. Ha ha. Is just joke.
»blaine ||  11/21/2006 ||  4:59:08 PM
CSS are brilliant! *stars* *hearts* *rainbows*
»elananano ||  11/22/2006 ||  10:22:21 AM
I fucking LOVE authentic spit takes - as in "it's funny 'cause it's true..." it's funny.

See ya tomorrow for carrie fisher. I hear she crazy y'all.
»ms. martin ||  11/25/2006 ||  1:14:10 AM

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