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Love/Hate (the food meme thing)

Foods that I like. Foods that I dislike.
In response to the lovely Elanamatic's post "Love/Hate"...
I generally like and tolerate food and I find people who have long lists of foods that they dislike a bit suspect. When Mom-in-law was here, they told a story of some friend/relative/accomplice who only eats hamburgers.
When you go out to eat, they better have hamburgers on the menu.
That is just crazy.

As some people are lactose intolerant, I am "people with food issues" intolerant.
Life is too short.

I also don't believe that god will strike you down if you eat the wrong food. So, I am intolerant in that way as well.

Foods I dislike (or "hate")
As a child, I apparently ate raisins - but something must have happened. Something traumatic. I am not a huge fan of raisiny type things (ironic) as well, such as...

Sun dried tomatoes
I tolertate them. But often I'll move them to the other side of the plate if no one is looking.

Gorgonzola cheese
Really. I have tried. I just don't like it.

I just don't like them. Granted, I once had a crappy dinner in crappytowne (NC) that also featured excessive capers. So, I may still be making that connection between that crappy dinner and capers.

Foods that I avoid
Recently I have been having issues with anything hazelnutty as I seem to have become overly sensitive to it - in terms of it overwhelming everything else in my mouth.

Similar to hazelnuts, I can never rid my mouth of the taste of radishes.

Crappy tomatoes

Foods I like (or "love")
Cornish hen
Nice steak
Spaghetti (with sausage and big noodles)
Fish tacos
Peking duck
Anything curry
My gazpacho
Chocolate chips
Bon Bon Chicken
Eggs in some sort of taco setting
Tiny hamburgers
Real hamburgers (no frozen patty crap)
Fried chicken
My late grandmother's pound cake

one of my aunt's only eats hamburgers or grilled cheese. that is all. so weird! oh and i love capers. love them! can't get enough, you should re-experiment cos they are a true salty delight.
»elananano ||  7/11/2007 ||  3:47:41 PM

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