Back to school
Next week I get to go back to "school". I am taking the diploma program at the International Wine Center. It's a two-year killer of a program and I fully expect to get my ass kicked by it.

If I make it through, I'll be... speechless.
If I fail/drop-out, I won't be shocked.

"Um, how much is there to learn about wine", you may be asking.
Let's see... there is a whole semester on the business end. Then there is the actual viticulture. The growing. The chemistry and the biology. That stuff.
I haven't even looked at what comes after that.

Back to school list
I need new brown shoes.
Also a new pink shirt (old one was eaten by dry cleaners).
I think I want a shiny grey suit as well.
Books. I need books for my class.
Notebooks. Need those as well.

Speaking of notebooks, everyone here at Intl. Cubicle World swears by the ones made by Levenger - they are cool because you can move the pages around like a 3-ring binder but they otherwise act like a spiral bound notebook.
They cost money and the company doesn't have a retail store in NYC. Don't they know we need notebooks?! Now!

Don't Cry

This is my thinking. If you go out and be a drunk douche at an office party - you should could credit if you make it in the next day.
"Dude, last night he was trashed and starting fights and the bouncer carried him out by his head - but he made it to work on time. Kudos!"
now, i can't really do this. if i have more than five drinks in one evening, i can easily be out of service for days.

Homeowners Congrats
A big shout out to the MattyJ and his lovely wife who have officially become "homeowners".
It's official.
We've been in their apartment. They have something like 12 times the amount of closets that we have.

Little Sydney seems to be happy with it.

I realize that Iraq is *the* issue of the day, but I'd like to see them implement a period of time during the presidential debates where they can't mention 9/11 or Iraq.
Granted, those are huge topics, but so often they are used for their "scare" value. Also, I suspect there may be other issues out there as well.
Call me silly.

Republican Debating
I listened to the debates on Wednesday night. Mit Romney... he is one smooth character. His skill seems to be talking without saying much. Since i listened to it on the radio (for the kids: that's a device that broadcasts music and news through the "air") I had a hard time keeping track of who was talking - but I have to tip my hat to the republicans: you guys got quite a cast of characters there.
Way more fun than Hillary and Obama.
(that Ron Paul... fantastic!)

My poor baby
06:58 amMy last post about the Outer Banks didn't include anything fun about the second half of the trip. That's the annual family beach outing in a huge condo where my nephew, Dean, runs around and gets smothered in attention.
And there's beer and sandwiches and hours spent in the ocean.
of course his new sister is there as well, but she doesn't really run. or crawl. yet.

It was a great trip and we had loads of fun, but it wasn't very (shudder) "blog worthy" (as if anything else I have written is).
None. The. Less.

One of my favorite things is this little game my brother plays with Dean. Dean is 21/2; years old and my brother wraps him up in a blanket as if he's a baby.
Swaddles him would be the correct term I suppose.

Then he walks around the room holding his "baby" and saying things like, "Oh, my precious baby. I'd never let anything happen to you".
Naturally, he then "accidentally" drops the "baby" onto the bed.

Dean shrieks and laughs and wants you to do it again.
I took a photo of Dean, all wrapped up, with a look of pure... mischievousness? happiness? giddyness?
It makes me smile.
Dean: Precious baby

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