Viva la food
A few weeks back, Mrs. Robot and I were dining at one of the 500 French restaurants on our block. This was the place where the waitress asked me, after I ordered the wine, if I wanted a "cup" of wine or the whole bottle.
Did I "blog" about that yet?

During dinner we realized that our knowledge of French cuisine was a bit lacking. Even though we eat at "french" places often, it is quite easy to order things that don't come off as overly French (i.e. your aunt Margaret could eat here and be happy (she is the one who only likes chicken)).
Random fish dishes. Rack of lamb. Ducky things.

A light bulb went on over our heads.
Our pal Serge (not his real name (OK, it is his real name (not really))) is some sort of French type. His parents owned a French restaurant in the city. He grew up in a French restaurant.
I rang him on my personal communicator and was all like, "Can we get our French on with you!" and he was all like, "Sure."
He and his wife also volunteered to host the 'French on' at their place. And to cook all the food.

First course
Champagne and big ol' snails. With lots of garlic. On toast.
It was tasty. I have had the snails before, but they were smaller. These are the ones that are, um, bigger.
Earthy and garlicky.

Second course

Wine from Savoie with bone marrow.
The bone marrow was a request from Mrs. Robot as neither of us had tried it before.
We sprinkled some chunky salt on it and then a dollop of a sauce made from parsley, olive oil, and capers. The we spooned it all out of the bone and onto toast (again with the toast).
That was some good eating.
I can't see how anyone would not find this dish good (unless you don't like to eat cows).

My contribution was the Savoie - a wine from France in a region that is near the Alps and is made of a blend of white grapes including the lovely grape known asChasselas. A beautiful, floral aromaed wine.
There was also a delicious, rare Sancerre (rhymes!) that I think we also drank.

Main Course
1998 Burgundy & beautiful rare steak.
I think my memory of the details gets a little shaky at this point.
The steak was a particular cut that they liked and that had some sort of significance to someone.. who was French.
Was it flank?
Whatever it was, it was a gorgeous cut of meat. Black, but not scary black, on the outside and glowing pink/red on the inside. The story with the cut of meat was that you basically had to serve it rare-ish or else it was not-tasty-ish. Something to with connective tissue. Serge's wife also prepared homemade fries, er, um, frites (they rocked).
There was also some yum vegetables and a celery remoulade, er, um, celeri remoulade.

The 1998 Burgundy had a little stink on it and we debated whether it was corked or not. Where it was from? I forget.

Mrs. Robot and I brought the cheese course (all French) after a trip to Stinky Cheese in Brooklyn. We enjoyed the cheese as they were delightfully stinky.

Floating islands.
How have I missed floating islands? They are some yummy.
Because the internet writes better than I do, here is a description someone else wrote: "floating islands are delicate poached meringues floating on a pool of custard sauce".
The custard sauce also may contain cognac. I do remember comparing them to sea urchin in that they just melt on your tongue.
This is Serge's favorite dessert of all time.

Post dinner
Brandy and Wii tennis.
(btw, I want a Wii now)

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