Hola Vacation
Last week we were on vacation.
Or "va-kay" as we termed it.
Speaking of "va-kay", we were in Charleston (SC) one night and heard a girl talking on her cell phone.
"Are ya'll going to get crazy tonight? Let's get crazy. I totally want to get crazy tonight."
We smirked. "Crazy".
If I was a teen, I think I'd say "Kay-Zee" instead of crazy.
It was a fun time. We ate well. How about I tell you about that part?

Vacation Part 1
10:30amThis was a two part vacation. This is part 1.
We were staying in Folly Beach (SC). It's a beach. It's pretty lo-fi. There aren't any chain stores on the main 2-3 block long commercial strip. There are fancy beach houses next to scary beach houses. Because we roll this way, we stayed at a little B&B that we found on the "online". The Water's Edge. It was very nice with a big comfy bed, friendly staff, our own screened in porch, and a fireplace.

Slightly North of Broad
9:52pmThe first night we went in to Charleston and had dinner at Slightly North of Broad (which is abbreviated as SNOB (which seems a little too... precious?)). Our reservation was for 10pm. I was surprised they were seating that late, but it worked for us because we had eaten lunch at 4pm that day.

SNOB: Many thumbs up. We started with an heirloom tomato salad that was the definition of freshness. For our entree we both had their stupendous crabcakes. Not really crabcake-y, just a ball of huge chunks of crab meat. A crabcake that was struggling to stay in the expected round, crabcake style. A really fine crabcake. Maybe the best I have ever had.
(there's a photo of the cake d'crab on their website's little animation thing)
We drank champagne from a small producer that I am now trying to track down.

Side note: This night was the night where we also parked in the world's worst designed parking garage. Super narrow and tight. It was *great* fun.

The second night we ate at Fig. Their goal is to produce dishes from local ingredients. I started with their "Crispy Caw Caw Creek Pork Trotters" mainly because I wanted to say it over and over again.
If I remember correctly it was the meat from the pigs knuckles? I think. Slow cooked and then formed into a little square, battered and then fried. There was corn. And crispy things on it and chanterelles. The pigs were from somewhere in SC.
It rocked.

Mrs. Robot had their "Roasted Tomato Tarte-Tatin". I wish I could describe this one better as it was visually stunning and tasted amazing. They did... something to the tomatoes. And then they were formed into this little tower. On top of of something. There may have been cheese.
What I remember was that the tomatoes took on more of a fruit taste than a vegetable taste. And there was a sweetness there.

There was champagne.

For our main courses we both had some sort of lovely fish dish.  I don't remember much about the main course because the dessert pretty much wiped my memory clean. We split their "Molten Chocolate Cake" which was served with their homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Holy cows.
The chocolate cake part was delicious and molten and what you would expect. You stick your fork in the cake and chocolate goodness pours out. What was stunning was the ice cream. Mint chocolate chip. It tasted like there was a mint leaf on your fork. In fact, I kind of poked through the ice cream looking for the leaf. There wasn't one.
This may have been the single greatest scoop of ice cream I have ever had.

They had me at Taco Boy.
Oh, and then there was lunch.
For our two days on the beach, our schedule consisted of breakfast at the B&B. Then maybe reading on the screened  porch. Or bike riding. Then to the beach. Then to Taco Boy for lunch.
Fish tacos. Shrimp tacos. Fried shrimp tacos. Pork tacos. Beer.

It was tasty. Way tastier than I imagined.

Hot Doggie
12:21pmOn the way out of town we stopped by Jack's Cosmic Dogs for... hot dogs.
Very good hot dogs.
What made me even happier was their selection of old school sodas.
Nehi (orange!)
Sun Drop (!!)
RC (!!)

Good times.

I bought an extra RC and Sun Drop.

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