City Sub
Located off of Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, City Sub makes a great sandwich and from their store you can view the apartment that happyrobot’ers Mina, MattyJ, and Tamara all lived in at one time. Separately.
Their sandwiches are pretty awesome. In fact, I think happyrobot’er Blaine once declared that it was the best sandwich he had ever had. I think their sandwiches are successful due to the fact that they slice all the meat to order, the produce is a good quality, the bread is very good, and they will heat the sandwich up (they heat/toast the bread and the meat & cheese separately).
Da yum.

Salami and eggs on Zoni Beach
During our trip to Culebra (Puerto Rico) over New Years, our pal Irene brought us fixings sandwiches one day. I took a tortilla, salami, and smashed some hard-boiled eggs in it all. It was awesome.
I was starving as I had been snorkeling and looking at fish giving me the stink eye all morning. It may sound kind of gross, but the egg and the salami were wonderful together.

Butcher Shop Sandwich
Los Paisanos is the great butcher shop near our apartment where we always get our meat on at... and they also do sandwiches. Pretty much any sandwich they do I like. All meaty and Italian – like grandma!
(not really)

Teenage Apple and Turkey
As a teen, I used to make a wicked turkey sandwich on this crusty wheat bread with thinly sliced Granny Smith apples and this really thick honey mustard.

Stone Soup
In my hometown, there was a place called the Stone Soup. The restaurant moved around a lot (not sure if it is still open), but the one sandwich that I got every time was turkey with spicy mustard and sprouts on a uber-healthy wheat roll.
My father used to take me there from time to time when I was in middle and high school and I think I got the same thing all the time.

Damn Baby Sitter
When I was a pup, there was a babysitter who once made us a cheese and peanut sandwich.
Kraft single and peanut butter. Between bread.
Holy crap. I want to track her down now and yell at her for almost destroying my love of sandwiches.

Torta Torta Torta
First, I just like to say it. Torta!

Right now I am torn between two different tortas. The taco truck near my office makes a nice one – I get it with pork. It has beans and avocado on it and some amazing cilantro-salsa-esque topping. Oh, and their bread is unusually good.
The other sandwich is one that we get a little deli near us that is spicy pork and pineapple. On my.

That kitchen supply place
Near my office is a kitchen supply store that also sells sandwiches (I mean, of course). I often go there and get their veggie sandwich all stuffed into a wrap. I like it because it’s a salad – but without that annoying and tedious salad eating process. I don’t have the attention span for a salad sometimes.

A good BLT
I love the concept of a BLT. I think my mom made a good one when I was a kid, but for whatever reason I haven’t come across a BLT that kicks me in the seat of my pants.

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