On last week's Robot Journal...
In our last episode we talked about bikes and mustaches and cute tennis court girls who would talk to me if I had a cool bike and mustache. At this point in my bike-life, I had a this swell 80's era Trek. Here are the others.

My Dad's Trek
My father bought himself a Trek a year or two after I got mine. Even over the course of a few years, the technology had changed a lot and I was jealous... and he wasn't riding it that much. So as soon as he wasn't looking I switched out a bunch of parts (he had a better derailleur and seat post).

Mountain Bike
Being that I grew up in the mountains, getting a mountain bike was the next step. My parents bought the family a Ross "Force One" - this would have been around 1984? The gearing on that bike was crazy for the time with these low gears that made you feel like you could climb a tree with it. I spent a lot of time flying down dirt roads on this bike and then took it to college where I rode it full time. My brother borrowed it later and somehow destroyed the damn thing.

Trivia: I was hit by a car while on this bike. The bike was pretty tough and probably did more damage to the car than vice versa. I remember thinking, "Oh crap. I am being hit by a car." and then grabbing onto the windshield wipers. And then the driver hitting the brakes and me flying down the road.
I wasn't wearing a helmet, but luckily I just rolled down the street on my legs. Ouch.

Post College
I got my first car and lived in a flat town that no appeal in regards to bike riding.

NYC: First Bike

We went to Franks one day (2005?) and bought mountain bikes. Mine was a Trek that was a few years old at the time, but in great shape. The local bike shop always did a great job keeping it running smoothly. In fact, at the time it was the best running bike I had ever owned. It was oddly quite fast.
But, I kind of missed having a proper road bike as the Trek was fairly big and heavy.

July 3: Fuji
Once again, I went to Franks. I traded in my mountain bike for a new Fuji road bike. I haven't spent a lot of time with road bikes over the past ten years, so I am still getting used to the awesome-ness of the technology. Even though my bike is basically a click above the entry level version, it is crazy cool compared to what I am used to. First, lightweight. Second, these lovely buttery brakes that are like fancy power brakes on a car. There isn't a ton of pressure when you use them and I start to think, "These brakes are too soft and don't seem to be working... I'll never stop" and then I noticed that I have already stopped. They are so smooth that it is crazy. This is also my first bike with the brake lever controlled derailleur which is something I am getting used to and generally like so far.
The wheels are sweet.

I had my mom ship up my old Bernard Hinault Sella Italia saddle and I've been using that as well.

So, I've been riding a lot. And the bike is cool and I'm feeling all speedy. That is until I almost had my ass served to be by four older orthodox guys... on crappy bikes... wearing long sleeved shirts and long pants... and probably twenty years older than me.

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