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Outwardly ironic

Fear of being taken seriously
Growing up as a sarcastic “Generation X’er” I’ve had ample opportunity to be ironic and snarky. Ironic t-shirts. Ironic facial hair. Ironic socks.
Recently I realized that I had a phobia of people not getting the ironic-ness of something. For instance I was on the Twitters earlier and made a joke about my Zune playing ELO and Tribe Called Quest all morning – but as soon as I posted it I thought of the three people who follow my Twatter feed and was nervous they’d think I actually owned a Zune.

So, what is the problem in my brain hole? Is it:
(1) I don’t believe people are clever enough to think that I am being sarcastic and/or ironic?
(2) I am not comfortable in the first place with the things I might make fun of and the thought of someone imagining me seriously doing/owning the thing in question disturbs me.
(3) I am not ironic enough.

Outwardly ironic. Apparently I don’t do that well. Or I do. I’m not sure.

Tamale Alert!
This just in from Mrs. Robot: Outrageously tasty and cheap tamale @ F Train Bagels in Brooklyn.

As I mentioned on the Tweeters, my uncle went to see ELO back in the 70’s when they performed at the Greensboro Coliseum. The ELO UFO descended from the ceiling (just like a real UFO would (if the UFO was in a coliseum) and then the ELO’s were revealed and played their particular interesting brand of rock music.

If I had a time machine, I’d try to go back and attend that show with my uncle. Of course, it would be confusing to explain to him who I was and that I was time traveling and I came to see ELO with him.

Bike to Alabama
I’m flying down to the “Dirty South” next month (apparently that is what they call it (according to Newsweek)) and my brother and I are riding bikes from Atlanta to the Alabama border via the “Silver Comet Trail”. It’s about a sixty mile trail that was converted from an old rail line. It looks pretty cool.
My brother has a bike but doesn’t ride that much so it may be an interesting day.

Speaking of ELO and my brother and the Zune
Conversation I just had.
Me: Today, my ipood seems to be only playing Tribe Called Quest and ELO. Odd.

Robot Brother: Weird- it’s like Mom and I have telepathically influenced your Ipod’s taste from far away.

Do you have an apartment you want to sell to us? Our current apartment is fine and dandy, but it’s time for Mr. & Mrs. Robot to become homeowners.
If you don’t have one to sell, do you have a million dollars we could borrow?

Shoes to bike
Speaking of bikes, I finally broke down and bought proper shoes (and pedals) for my bike. I had a lovely pair of mid-1980’s Diadora shoes, but they had been left at my parent’s house and no one down there could find them. I kind of wish they would turn up, because they look so cool. That said, I bought new tiny pedals and shoes and have spent the last couple of days riding around and clicking in and out of them. It’s going well. No falling or crashing, but the left pedal (or shoe) is a bit wonky.

Jeff (Odd Haircut) kisses Rob

Oh man, I love clipless pedals; i got them for the road bike that I haven't ridden for 14 months, and they work great.

Or they did for me. Clare kept having problems getting out of them and falling over and getting really interestingly shaped bruises over the corresponding half of her body.

So, you know, don't do that. And I don't mean that ironically.
»stu ||  8/25/2009 ||  12:22:16 PM
If the time machine was a replica of the ELO UFO it would be badass.
»jb ||  8/28/2009 ||  5:51:03 PM

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