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Heading South
So we are going South tonight to Raya Yai on the West coast.
Taking the overnight train with the windows open and the countryside buzzing by.
We went to the red light district last night. Pat Pong is kind of awful. I thought that it would be interesting in a distopian sort of way.
But in the end all the Burmese teenage girls dancing with obvious exhaustion in g-string bikinis and the Thai men saying "Hello, ping pong" holding up the exact same cards that describe live shows where women shoot ping pong balls and smoke cigarettes with their vaginas-- it was irritating. And the zombie women contrasted with the desperate energy of sweaty-faced middle-aged sex tourists bumping into you as they scanned every bar window - all of it was so repetitive and a bit sad.

Needless to say we did not take in a show. And maybe a month working for a feminist NGO madethe district all that harder to take. I dunno. After 45 minutes of walking around we caught a cab back to our hotel.

Tomorrow: beach, sun, sleep. Chris keeps wakign up at odd hours from jet lag. What is a circadian rhythm again?

Oh, I posted Chitrakoot II a minute ago: just go back one entry to see!

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