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Ko Mook and fake Canucks
Just got back from Ko Mook, a gorgeous island in Trang province with everything you could want in a remote paradise. Soaring cliffs, dense jungle, clear turquoise water. Friendly locals. No t-shirt stands or touts or discos. Perhaps it was so idyllic because the resorts on the far side of the island have not been mentioned in the Lonely Planet.

We spent to first 2 nights in PP charlie's, a kinda expensive place ($30 CAN/night (17 US?) for two in a bungalow on the beach) but then moved to the Rubber tree resort up the hill (5 minutes walk to the beach, $10CAN/ night) where you stay ina bamboo hut with a bed and mosquito net surrounded by dripping rubber trees and roosters cockadoodledoo all night.

Walked to the muslim fishing village through huuuuumid forest, snorkelled and kyaked and ate cashew fruit - the juiciest yellowest fruit ever - with a cashew nut perched on the top.
Now we are heading to Ayuthya for a night on the way to Cheng Mai.

We met an annoying American from NC with a Canadian flag on his backpack. "Nobody hates Canadians" he drawled. I wanted to tell him about Mr. Dressup, just in case he is ever tested by a Canadian, but no Canuck would ever buy it with his twang. Also, he pissed me off.

Sometimes when I write Canadian I accidentally write: "canadina"

Know what feels bad? A heavy knapsack on a shoulder burn.

Know what feels good?

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