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The air
It was 1 am and I needed to pee.
Chris was asleep beside me and the room was all white.
I pushed aside the white curtains to look outside the window to see what city we were in.
There is snow on the ground and across the street three-story apartments.
This is Ave du Parc. I am in Montreal.
Sarah is asleep in the bed.
I am back in Canada.
There is toilet paper in the bathroom and hot water from the taps.

Thanks for all the messages while I was in India and thanks for not teasing me about the erratic grammar and spelling.

I apologize if the pony is going to be a bit more provincial in the next while and preoccupied with finding work and culture shock (it is so cold and quiet and polite! the air is so clean! The coffee so good! The conversations flow so easily! I think I want to cry! but more on that later).

I also want to apologize to the older man, the physicist from the Ottawa Valley who sat next to me on the flight from Amsterdam to Montreal. When I ate the strawberry ice cream, I really thought I was over being lactose intolerant.

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