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Day 3
Six o'clock seems to be the magic hour. I konk out around 6pm and wake up for dinner. Then I fall asleep at 10:30 (last night in the middle of Revenge of the Pink Panther. I don't think I appreciate physical humour unless it is in person). At 6am, on the dot,like magic, I wake up, sneak off into the living room to read The Corrections for an hour and make coffee for me and Sarah.

I have the second espresso of the day at The Cafe where CNN is on mute, old Italian men are are smoking, playing pool or video lottery and the underempolyed in vintage winter coats are sipping allonges with a lazy curiosity about one another.

I can handle anything but underground mini-malls. Even the cold.

I went to Alternatives and said hello to folks.
I got a couple of sweaters from Meena's place and we chatted about Africa which sounds awesome.
I decided to not be grasping and jealous about other stagiaires' trips.
I ate peanut butter on toast.
I bought a $5 pair of gloves.
I saw Ran and Bobby.
Ran said that he will drive me to Toronto on Saturday.

I need:
1.A cheaper apartment
2.A job.
I would like:
3. To go back to school.
4. A job where I get to write.

Is there any new media communications masters program in Toronto that anyone has heard about? That I can do part time?

I have been talking nonstop since I got to Canada.

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