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oh yeah, yesterday was Victoria Day and after a spiffy game of net-free tennis with my most gorgeous and enthusiastic partner, we headed home to try out the George Foreman grill. I am so thirty.

When I retrieved my messages, I was pleased to note that Paul was so excited that it is legal to blow things up on Vic Day, he left me THREE messages, (peppered with Woo-hoo's) inviting us to set off fireworks in the park.

Chris and I cooked up a backyard feast and were on to coffee when Paul showed up with his Tae Kwon Do cutie friend Lisa. Joey biked over on Scorpion King (who desperately needs her brakes tightened--nervous ma).

Chris and I were led by the trio to Trinity Bellwoods Park. On the way, we saw Kate in full-PDA and dragged her along. We ran into Ariel and Margo on their bikes in the park and Ariel had wicked long sparklers.

We swirled them for ages as Joey played his annual God Save the Queen and the Kinks' Victoria to an assortment of Roman Candles and the ultimately anticlimactic "burning school house".

I don't like the ones that make loud bangs.

I like the ones that make stars like fairy dust, but we didn't have any of those.

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