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Dear Adina -

Thanks for your kind email and for sending the money
so quickly. I spoke to my mom and she had deposited it
for me. I hope you are adjusting to life back in
Toronto. I hope it didn't take too long to find a job
that you like.

To answer your questions, I got interested in Buddhism
through a public talk given by His Holiness the Dalai
Lama in Chicago. I was completely caught by surprise
by how much admiration I felt for him, and how much
what he said made sense to me. If you ever get a
chance to hear him speak I'd highly reccommend it.

Things are great here at the monastery. My teacher,
Lama Zopa Rinpoche, just left after being here for a
month. It was a really inspiring time. Now things are
settling down into a more quiet routine for the

For better or worse, the schedule does not allow much
time for emailing here as we are quiet focused on our
study and practice, but I wanted to thank you and to
let you know that I was so glad I met you on the
plane. Isn't it interesting how quickly people can
come to feel like old friends? Must be karma. Anway,
perhaps our paths will cross again some day, but if
not, it is nice knowing that you are out there doing
your part to make your corner of the world more
beautiful. Best of luck!

Warm wishes,


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