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the party and the party
Yesterday, my meditative days of envelope stuffing for the New Democratic Party came to an end. And that is sad, cuz I really liked stuffing envelopes. Is that confession going to prevent anyone from taking me seriously as a potential employee?

Now with the election being postponed, I have to pack up my apartment.

Sorting through old pictures and papers? Bring on the nostalgia. Wow, have I been emotional lateley...

I had my first ever party this weekend at my soon-to-be-old place. It was a housewarming party for my new place which is too small for parties.

But the tunes were spinning, there was beer, there was vodka and tonic, there were munchies, and candles and lanterns strung up and my most excellent friends...You know it is a good party when people end up flopped on your bed and use your white underwear to mop up red wine. Seriously, I am not at all mad about that.

I don't know who made my drinks so strong or why I drank so much, but I sure hope I got into the sorority. Ow, my head. It was four in the morning when we realised that we had 7 hours until Josh's wedding celebration.

And then there is Motrin pain.
I have never done this in my life, but I actually made use of the hair of the dog remedy. Although I had not been bitten by champagne and orange juice, I tried to ward off the hangover with mimosas.

The celebration was gorgeous. It was at La Maquette on King Street. Chris and I had a lovely time, and even tried to slow dance. But by 5pm, when we got home, my head was about to split open. We went to see The Hours at the Royal which would have been so much better were it not for the Phillip Glass soundtrack which underscored all the great acting with unforgivably shmaltzy strings. That goes down as the worst film faux pas I have experience in ages.

Maybe it was the hangover, maybe it was the bad movie choices made out of one of my favorite novels, or maybe it is just that I am in transition,but I got all weepy when I got home.

I thought about Josh getting married and moving to Israel. I thought how things change when people get married and how I will miss him, and miss that particular way we have always been friends. And I celebrate change, especially in this case, because his wife is a smart and special vision of sweetness. But I am a bit sad to mark change all the same. Hard to explain.

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