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Chris has been awesome in helping me move. He packed up my whole kitchen while I was busy being brought to my knees with memories pulled out of shoe boxes.

It is so heavy. I thought I was good at getting rid of old clothes and stuff, but I was wrong. I am truly pack-rattie with all my ticket stubs and participation t-shirts.

Speaking of pack-rats, I had the hilarious occasion to unpack my mother's "liqour cabinet" yesterday. Most of this stuff she has been lugging around since we lived in Vancouver. Here is some of what I found:
  • Three bottles of Cherry Herring, two of them circa 1968

  • Three bottles of creme de menthe (different brands)

  • FOUR bottles of Ballantines, all partially imbibed

  • One 1970-style tri-liquor Bols bottle of red, green and brown liqueres with a rotating spout

  • Some of these drinks may have been partially watered down or used in a "vomit koolaid" mixture when I was a teen, but the rest ...I don't think they have been used since.

    Then last night we went for a fajita plate at Sneaky Dees and ran into Evan who I have kinda known since I was 15. In fact, I think the first time I met him was at Dees. We reminisced, and now I am so far down memory lane, you are all gonna need to send your fast pony to bring me home.

    Sunday at noon. All of you who promised to help me move....Y'all still game, right?

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