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finally, the move
Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone who helped me move. I had seven friends helping me move, and despite the enormous amount of crappity crap crap I have a hard time throwing out (I could ski again), we did the whole thing in under 3 hours.
Kudos to Tom "3D tetris" Patterson who is the best, most reasonably priced mover ever and gave the move the punk rock style it deserved. If you ever need a mover, call me and I'll give you his #. He rocked.
Speaking of phones, if you are trying to call me, my phone should be hooked up by tonight. You can call my old # to get my new # .
Now everything is in boxes in my new place, covered in drywall dust (they were still renovating as we moved in). I have to go unpack now (spent the morning cleaning my old place with apple Mr. Clean).
But first a limonata break at the Dip. Maybe I'll have some tater tots while I am at it.

Sorry this entry is so boring.

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