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Holy Crap-eeola
The guy who lives in the bachelor next door is really loud. I hear him most from my poorly-insulated bedroom, telling stories on the phone in which he is the outraged victim of stupid people.

I have never seen him, but you know how it is when you can from a perfect picture of a person you have never met, just by hearing their voice?

In my mind, he is short and skinny, has a baseball cap, a cutuff football shirt and pencil-leg jeans, and light blue eyes that have a squint of confusion and flashes of anger.

So anyhow, like me, he just moved in to the building. His son came to visit this weekend, and by the sound of his voice, the boy is about six or seven. He was so high strung and anxious to be at his dad's new place (the first visit with dad since the split?) that he was up several times that night with his high-pitched questions. (the dad had let him stay up until 1:30 am)

The boy alternates between loud crying or loud laughter. His dad's voice sounds all stretched thin. This morning, I was lying in bed and I think they were playing video games.

The dad, who already swears liberally, kept trying to modify his speech to something more appropriate for a kid his son's age. At one point the father shouted out:
"Holy Crap-eeola".

I am putting in better soundproofing this week.

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