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Voodoo Polly got stolen last night and I am devastated. For those of you who do not know her, she was a gorgeous Schwinn that I bought four and a half years ago.

She took me everywhere smoothly. She helped me build muscle. She saved me so much money on taxis and the TTC. She gave me style. She was the most expensive purchase I ever made at one time. I don't have insurance.

No one had ever tried to steal her before last night when Chris and I locked our bikes together. I guess the thief figured it was two for the price of one.

I will miss her sleek black frame, the places we explored together, the front basket that held my groceries, the adventures she promised.

I hope whoever took her knows that she was loved like a friend. That she took me to important places. That I can't afford a new bike and it is summer and warm and I live at the bottom of a hill and that I so looked forward to the breeze in my hair as I coasted home.

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