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Welcome to Ontario have a pluralistic day
I have good news and I have bad news from the city of bike thieves and generous souls.

Ontario has finally made same sex marriage legal. It is hard to know how to react.
You start saying: "How progressive of us!" Then you stop and say: "Woah. Until today, I have been living in a place where the government actively suppressed same sex marriages."

That said, this decision comes in the same month as Canadian courts ruled it is no longer criminal to possess small amounts of marijuana.

I feel a sneaking optimism that the government might one day reflect our society. That is the good news.

But then my mother calls, all upset. She is a kickass real estate agent who works so hard you might mistake it for self-punishment.

One of her clients, with whom she had invested hours upon hours of time and hundreds of dollars of long distance phone bills has listed his house with another agent. Why? Because he thinks it would be a bad idea to have a Jewish name on a real estate sign in waspy Rosedale.

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