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It is hot
Sleeping at Chris' place. He has frigid AC.
The air is not moving at all. What is up with that?
I wish I had an office job right now, so I could slide into a desk in an air conditioned office and drink hot coffee and get crisp paycheques. Sigh.
Things are slow even at temp agencies.

What ever happened to the spaghetti western nights in Little Italy where we would bring our blankets and wine and sit in the field of grace street public school and watch westerns on a big screen and eat spaghetti?
Do they still do that? That's the kind of summer I want.

Feeling more violated than an American with a Muslim surname under the Patriot Act.

I think this is the summer of leering. I don't recall Toronto being this charged.
I was wearing a fitted tank top yesterday and this older dude sitting next to me was unapologetically scoping my chest for like 15 minutes with a pervy smile on his face. I had to put a shirt on even though I was boiling.

Hey, Jonah wrote this article on eBay's "flexible privacy policy".

Brags Sullivan [eBay's senior counsel for rules, trust and safety], "If you are a law-enforcement officer, all you have to do is send us a fax with a request for information, and ask about the person behind the seller's identity number, and we will provide you with his name, address, sales history and other details--all without having to produce a court order." (eBay itself goes further than this, employing six investigators who are charged with tracking down "suspicious people" and "suspicious behavior.")

It is mildly horrifying.

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