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life in Toronto Village
i am going away from Toronto's Pride Day weekend and to Montreal's Jazz Fest weekend. Bring on the festivals.

Actually, I am going to be in Montreal for Elana's wedding. Yes, Elanamatic, the new robot, who is marrying Rich. Not Rich robot, who is married to Rachel Rocket (coincidentally also red-haired and gorgeous).

To clear things up, Elanamatic is marrying "the dude" not the dude like Big Lebowski, cuz this dude has a job and may be lactose intolerant.

So what am I saying? I am sashaying between two of Canada's biggest cities. Come to think of it, the cities have never felt all that large to me. Maybe it is because I have always lived pretty central within bikeable distance to key spots and all my friends live very close by.

My life is kind of like sesame street for grownups. This morning, for instance, I biked up the street to the Yoga Space where they have $5 classes taught by teachers once a day. We lay on mats and sang songs with the word om, and did a really slow kind of hokey pokey. After class, I ran into my old friend Mia who was there doing the "will work for yoga" shift and we chatted about going back to school and finding work.

I came back to find Chris had build a window box for flowers in the time it had taken me to do yoga and chat. He planted a big orange flower and some basil. Then I joked with the garbage man and made carrot soup.

Do you find that garlic makes you hungry?
Should I go back to school?
Will you hang out with me in Montreal?

One of my favorite things about my street is the way people sing on their bikes as they coast downhill. This one guy sings in Spanish...

Two great movies I saw recently on video:
The music of chance
Before Night Falls

I did not think I would like the music of chance because it has mandy 'mr. medleyhead' patinkin, who kinda overdoes stuff. But is was a cool flick.

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