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Blame Canada
I hear that the Jean Chretien and GWB are creating a joint task force to figure out what caused the blackout.

In the States, reports say that the power failure originated in Canada. In Canada, they say the American infrastructure was hopelessly outdated and the grid could not support the current population.

I find it very funny how quick we are to assign responsibility over a shared power grid as soon as it kaks out.

Ah, the national shame being rallied across the border. It reminds me of being in the US in the winter and hearing about a cold front coming from Canada. Here, we say it is coming from the mystical "North".

On really polluted days, we Torontonians and our forecasters blame Detroit. Makes sense, doesn't it? Think about all those auto plants. But in reality, one of the biggest polluters in the Great Lakes Region is in Ontario. Shame on us, shame on them. Shame is so not proactive.

For me, the real shame set in yesterday when I found out that Canada, a country of 35 million people, uses more electricity than India, a country of more than 1 billion people).

In India they would be unphased by all of this blackout nonsense. Hell, for 2 hours a night they have enforced cuts to power to save energy. One just gets a generator or deals.

What do I do with all this knowledge? I went to see Kung-Fu Friday at the Royal. Revenge of the Shogun Women in 3D. With cool AC and a big bag of warm popcorn in my lap.

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