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Friendster pt. 2
OK, this is really really cool. I have always been fascinated by the connections between groups of friends. But this is my first "whoa" on Friendster.

Rich, Kelly, Justin , and Adam and I all share connections to Keith, a designer in Brooklyn New York. Rich and Kelly I know. I mean, I know them through Happyrobot. I have not actually *met* Kelly. But this is another story. Adam I met at the Canadian Film Centre (he did the same program as me). Justin, I know through OpenCola (RIP) but he lives in Minnesota. Who is this '"Keith"?

You are connected to Keith through:

You Rich [happyrobot] Matthew Amy Keith
You Rich Matthew Lauren Keith
You Kelly [ happyrobot] Rich Matthew Amy Keith
You Kelly Matthew Lauren Keith
You Justin [opencola] Rich Jon Amy Keith
You Adam [Canadian film centre] Blake Deirdre Keith
You Adam Mark Deirdre Keith
You Adam Johnny Deirdre Keith

Keith seems to know a lot of girls who know friends of mine.


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