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This clarity, that weather
I love the clarity that comes after Labour Day. The fog has lifted from my brain. Suddenly, I can pinpoint exactly what I wanted to do with my summer. Damn. Ah well, there is always next year.

Biking to work today with zero humidity, coasting past little people with giant backpacks....It is all so nostalgic. This one little girl with waist-length flaxen hair was marching ahead of her father, anxious to resume her role as class despot. I am so glad to not be a kid starting school.

This weekend was fullfullfull.

Stayed in Friday night, thankfully, and watched Spirited Away. It was a scary animated Japanese ghost-adventure story. Culturally, it was interesting because its main lesson seemed to be about eschewing greed and self-importance. Disney animation usually features a more American-style, rugged individualist as protaganist who is full of luck and bluster.

Saturday, Matt and Jackie arrived early in the morning. We got to hang out, eateateat. And talktalktalk. And eateateat. And walk around. Them was good times. It was awesome to see my sister. And most excellent to see her lovely love, Matty J.

I think I was a yenta in a former life because I got to bask in the glow of two couples whose love -- and this is going to sound like bragging and it is-- I enabled.

Well, I guess Rich enabled me to meet Matt. And I enabled Matt to meet Jackie. And my parents had me. To which we owe, perhaps, the enabling combination of a glass of kiddish wine and a good mood.

The second couple, well, there is privacy to consider here in the fragile bloom of long-weekend loving, but let's just pat me and Chris on the back for enabling some cool people to get together.

Sunday morning began on an auspicious note. Rebecca's sister Monique had a massive, healthy baby boy named Charlie. When 2 year-old Emma woke up the next morning, the family cautiously brought her in to see her new brother. She looked him over and sighed: "Beautiful!" Welcome, Charlie!

Sunday was Dave's day to move to Peterborough for his art-restoration program. Papa Stevenson was in the house, helping Dave with the move. Chris and I sat in the kitchen with his Dad and had a good chat while Dave put the finishing touches on the packing. We then loaded up the trailer, gorged on some tasty vietnamese food at the Golden Turtle, and bid them farewell.

Abi, Chris and I met up with Matt and Jackie and Mom on the island to rent coaster bikes and tour around. It is so pretty on the island. Too bad there was such a noisy airshow all weekend.

And finally, it was my mom's birthday that day. Chris and I made her dinner and more eating was done by all. Phew. We ate lots this weekend. My tummy is buddha-round and happy.

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