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Wenches with Wrenches
I went to Wrenches with Wrenches last night.
FOr those of you who are not in the know, it is a course taught by women for women who want to learn to fix their bike.

We learned about cranks, derailers, cogs, cassettes, air pressure, what should spin freely, how high your seat should be, etc.

Murgatroid was not the prettiest bike there, but she gave an excellent visual aid for those who wanted to see what a seized chain link looks like.

I ran into Jocelyn and recognized a few women (I am starting to realize that everyone in Toronto is kinda familiar looking these days). It was a blast. The class was taught by the incomprable Reba from Urbane Cyclist. She has the funniest, most naturally laid-back nature.

In the end of the class I made a little announcement about the bike theft doc for the CBC that Kate and I are doing. Everyone started talking at one. I wish I had had a minidisc on me at that moment to capture that energy and those stories.

I am very busy these days, and with the election called for Oct 3, so is Chris, who has resumed his role as fundraising co-ordinator for the NDP. It is going to be a busy month all around.

I have been sleeping deeply, but my dreams have been reflecting my daily internet use in startling ways: Last week I had a dream that I could open a photo album and enter the photographs. I liked the dream so much, that in my half-dream state I actually believed that I could ''save it to favorites''.

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