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Media Whores
I know I said I wouldn't go. And after the year they brought endangered species on leashes, I informally boycotted the Film Festival BBQ for two years.

But I got 4 emails asking if I was going. I wanted to see those people. And I haven't gone to a CFC function in ages. So I went.

But it was NOT to see film stars or Canadian television actors behind absurd roped-off areas of the patio.

I don't have a script. I don't have a love of port-o-potties. I was not there to network, I think. I am not an aspiring actor. I was not promoting, vounteering, wearing a label you would recognize, wearing sunscreen, or wearing a tense smile as my head pivoted like a sealion at Marineland anticipating kipper.

I was there to see people, I think. And to eat a cupcake and my very first Krispy Kreme (Crack) donut. And try out the voda cocktails with fresh berries that mingled delightfully with ice. And to wander around with Rich K. and see Adam and Mike and Paul and Ilan. And to get a raging headache from too much refined sugar.

But those events are weird. Several times an hour, you are in the position where you have to summarize what you are doing professionally. When I was at the CBC, I did not have to explain anything. Same goes with Opencola. It was weird enough sounding that it was niche, natch.

But the whole "er, doing reception, building a website, working on a radio doc and starting a magazine writing course after doing a volunteer stint in India" makes people's' eyes glaze over.

It was way more fun to say: "Media whore"and smile with nihilistic glee as you order another vodka-sponsor cocktail.

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