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Admittedly, it was not the mature weekend I have had. Friday night at Joey's and Paul's place I overindulged in tequila and started making up songs to Paul's guitar and Joey's accordion. Is there anything worse than having a song in your head that you made up? It followed me all day, the corn song did. Anyone remember the lyrics?

So Sat night, Chris, who is working every day this month came over with yellow sun flowers and Wolf Blass Yellow Label. We went for dinner, came home, sat on the sofa, and within seconds sleepy guy was breathing deeply with his head in my lap.

I flipped on the TV and saw a Saturday Night Live rerun from earlier this year. Sen McCain was the guest. OK, so when did SNL get so right wing? The news cast was completely pro-war. They took pot shots at the French for opposing the war in this blunt and inelligant way.

It sucked. It really did. There are countless, hilarious ways to make fun of the French that transcend their opposition to the war. Personal Hygiene, anyone? Promiscuity? Rudeness? Their Jerry Lewis fetish?

Remember Dry Dennis Miller? Or Eddie Murphy? Or Jane Curtin? OR Dana Carvey? The balance of anti-establishment and the pee-your-pants absurdity of Andy Kauffman and Gilda Radner?

I stopped watching it when that fat guy who died came on and screamed a lot. And I have never been a big Adam Sandler fan (sorry guys). It just became a vehicle for vaguely funny boys club comics to make lowest-common-denominator movies.

But the other night took it to a whole new low. Or am I just a nerd for still expecting something intelligent from a show that sold out in 1990?

Is it the fault of the show's producers/writers for expecting intelligent media satire from fair-to-middling comedians?

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