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First weekend into the Jew Year
Word to my mother who created a no-stops-pulled Rosh Hashana Feast on Friday night. Oy vey, my stomach is all stretched and bloated. My beloved interfaith partner was unused to semitic feasting and is still recovering.
We ate:
Challah and apples and honey (sweet new year, ya know)
Wild mushroom soup, pureed
Orange-walnut and baby green salad with rosewater dressing
Roasted chicken
Lamb stuffed with mint and garlic
Wild rice with wheatberries. toasted almonds. and oyster mushrooms
Ratatouille with broiled veggies
Roasted asparagus
wine (not too much, please, we are jewish)
apple crisp, honey cake with brandy-soaked apricots.

OK, you all know this already, but Chris and I are looking for a place to shack up. Biked everywhere in the pouring rain on Saturday to look at apartments. We came back shivering cold and took a bath to warm up and to hash out the choices/Ideally, we would like to live:
South of college, West of Bathurst, until Dovercourt. We both like Dovercourt.
Here are some more ideal-world features in our imagined apartment:
A claw-foot bathtub, fits two
Sunny kitchen
gas stove
big freezer
counter space (or space to build counters)
storage space
a deck or back yard
window in every room
Enough room to have dinner parties
Place to compost
Laundry on premises (or really, really close)
no more than 5 min walk to streetcar/bus
Nice landlords, no psychotic neighbours

Lisa, dumplings, books
Did I mention that my sister Lisa is in town from Tel Aviv?
We have had a fabulous time hanging out (it has been 3 years). We went for dim sum with Paul and Joey and it was a blast. full of Har Gow, we trekked to Queen Street for the annual Word on the Street book and magazine fair. It was crowded, but I picked up the new and much-buzzed Walrus magazine.
But I need more time to read! I am currently reading:
Cruddy by Lynda Barry (mike lent it to me)
Strunk and White, the elements of style (I am serious, though it is mostly read while waiting for elevators and stuff)
The latest Harpers etc.

My list of next reads include:
Due Preparations for the Plague by Janette Turner Hospital. I have not read anything by her since high school (Tiger in the Tiger Pit, The Ivory Swing, Charade) but she is a great storyteller (Chris bought it for me all Hard-Cover Style).

I would like to read Oryx and Crake, Margaret Atwood's new futuristic novel. I like me a nice distopian epic sometimes.

I am also planning reading classic Russian novels. I have always been intimidated by their weight, but now that I am 30, I will put my best literary foot forward. Give me the Slavic melancholy. I can take it. Where to begin? The Brother Karamazov? Crime and Punishment?

yoga and sewing
Last night Chris sewed me a wicked-cool bag for my yoga mat. I have my grandmother's old sewing machine from when my sisters and I were kids and I have never used it. Chris, as I may have mentioned, has amazing talents, and he figured out the machine in a matter of minutes.

I got all blissed out at the sound of the stitching. The note the machine makes was immediately soothing and familiar. I think it brought me back to my grandmother's aparment when I was a wee kid.

So I now have a yoga mat-carrier in a swanky chartreuse. Next: a job where I can afford yoga classes...

I just saw the pictures from Nate's birthday on Lisa Says. Man, I so wish I could have been there. What a gorgeous bunch of people, dontcha think? Anyone want to fly me down to NC?

cheese guys
Why are the guys who work at Cheese Magic so sad? They seem really sad, no? I try to joke with them, but they seldom crack a smile.

Here is a Haiku I wrote about the cheese guys
Sad Cheese Magic Guys
Trapped behind a wall of cheese -
Guess the magic's gone

Lost in Translation
So good. Go see it.

I guess summer is over for real.


My new hobby. So crafty!

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