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Big and little
Not to gloat or anything, but I like to think of myself as a fairly articulate, perceptive person. I notice the subtleties of interactions, the telling hints of body language, the messages people send out with hair product and jewellery.....

For some reason, however, there is some primitive wiring in my head that jolts delightedly everytime I see something very small or unusually large. I feel the irrespressible urge to comment on it, like a special-needs child.

Some examples:
The other day in the park, there was a man walking a chihuahua AND a Great Dane. It was HI-LARIOUS. I felt the jolt as I passed and it was all I could do not to say: "big dog, little dog, big dog, little dog."

My desk faces a glass wall, beyond which is a hallway. I constantly see people pass. Even though I see them every day, it does not stop those delighted synapses from firing.

There is one woman who is about 10 months pregnant. When she passes, I say to myself: big belly, big belly.

Same with that guy who is about 6"7. Big guy. What a big guy. He is tall.

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