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Dave Matthews: Soundrack of Mediocrity
Amy Blair says overgrown fratboy Dave Matthews' music is like "Faust meets Animal House".

"Some Devil" might actually be convincing people that Dave Matthews is the soundtrack of their lives. For me, it has always been the soundtrack to pre-fab Pleaty McChinos pubs where subtle misogyny is pervasive and mediocrity is mistaken for "edgy".
Hike up your skirt a little more
and show your world to me

I think that everytime I have heard a Dave Matthews song, I have heard "wine" in the lyrics. (I always notice wine imagery, because it is a pet peeve. C'mon: Love as Wine? You think you made that up?) I thought that it was just the same song I kept hearing, but apparently I was wrong.

I decided to do some research this morning into the wine-stained lyrics (why are lyrics sites so frikking loaded with pop-ups?) of the Dave Matthews phenomenon, and it was hilarious. Take a look, this is disturbing.

On closer inspection, it just might be that he is confusing bipolar disorder and alchoholism for a love of women.

  • You drive me crazy
    Crazy is all right
    With you looking at me
    You make me feel high
    Every single thing you do to me
    Is like I'm drunk
    I do my best for you I do

  • Intoxicate moving wine to tears
    Drinking it deep

    Hey, I am Jewish, but even *I* know that Jesus was not set free by wine. Unless- wait, you don't think he is comparing himself to...[muffled giggle]:

  • Bartender please, fill my glass for me
    With the wine you gave Jesus that set him free,
    after three days in the ground

  • Hey My love , you came to me like wine
    Comes to this mouth
    Grown tired of water all the time

  • Eat this bread think of it as me, Drink this wine and dream

  • Say the sweetest wine
    Could never quench me like
    Your love
    And hold it close so well

  • I'll do all this tonight
    Have another glass or sip of wine
    And your eyes lead me to find And this no better have i felt
    Oh no my love, you drive me wild

  • Hey the wine's so sweet .So senses blind....

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  • 10.1.2003
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