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Thanksgiving weekend fantasy
I want to go to a small town and eat at a restaurant that makes Chinese And Canadian Food. I want to stop by a highwayside yard sale and buy a fold-up bicycle, a beveled mirror, and silver spoons from every province. I want to drink terrible coffee with milkettes at the fluorescent bakery and get gossip with my apple strudel.

I want to smoke cigarettes with the pimply teenagers on skateboards in the arcade parking lot.. I want to get my oil changed at the gas station by a woman who has lived with her girlfriend for 35 years and no one says much about her 'cept she has taught them all a thing or two about faulty transmissions.

I want to put on my Arctic Wolf sweatshirt and white sneakers and go see a G-rated movie at the town cinema with a whole extended family. I want to hold the 5-year-old's hand on the way to the bathroom 20 minutes in, and hoist him up by the waist to reach the sink.

Can we stop by the local bar and drink Labatt 50 and put Aerosmith on the Juke box and get creamed at pool?

I want to adopt a puppy from a farm and let him hang his head out the window as I drive. I want to buy a bushel of apples and a pumpkin pie at the farmers's market. I want a warm sweater, small town, pickup truck kind of thanksgiving weekend.

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