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Congratulations Matt and Jackie! I am bubbling over with great things to say.
I wrote a bunch of things out, but then I thought: wait, this is good material. I should save it for the wedding speech.

I do get to make a speech, right?

I love you both!
Mazel tov.

A little bit of history for all of you:
1)In 2000 I am working at a company that had had a project called "my little robot". I think that in her research of robot stuff, my friend and co-worker Helen came across an amusing site called

2) I have been asked to research online communities. Helen tells me to take a look at this site, whose name she can't remember, but there was a questionnaire that asked "staff": Do you have an uncle named Bob?

3)I write to Rich (I actually think at the time that he looks like the guy in his robotjournal picture). Good interwebby times ensue. Instead of emailing and IM-ing Rich, I start writing on Robot, in a section I name "pony".

4)I am visiting NYC and ask my sister Jackie to come out for drinks with my internet friends. She hesitates. Internet friends? How geeky and weird. But she has a great time and really likes them. Especially one of them named Matt.

5)They get engaged.

I *guess* I introduced them, but Rich made the robot. And helen showed me the robot. And even before that, Cory came up with the name: mylittlerobot. And I will stop before I end up mentioning the universal Turing Machine...
Why do I point this out? So that we all can bask in this awesome event, and know that each of us had some part in the creation of this fine loving.

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