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Things to know about my sister before you marry her: Pt I
Lionel Ritchie makes her angry:
One day, I was practicing flute beside her bedroom.

OK, I wasn't practicing for my lesson, but I was trying to play "say you say me" because I had just seen White Knights.

Jackie was studying for exams and repeatedly told me to stop playing so that she could concentrate.

My goal, however, was to play the whole thing through without mistakes before I put it down. I kept getting caught on that one riff "say it for always" (that had a flat note in the last syllable) and starting over again.

By the 20th round of this, Jackie got so angry, she stormed out of her room, grabbed the flute from my hands, and crashed it over the sofa. I never played the flute again. *sigh*

nota bene: I never complained once when she practiced "as tears go by" on her guitar for the millionth time. But then again, I didn't have exams.

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