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food and bowling
I loves books and movies about food. Like Water for Chocolate; Tender at the Bone; Babette's Feast; Eat, Drink, Man, Woman; Tampopo; Big Night...

In fact, I love food, gentle reader, especially at this increasingly chilly time of year.

I love to cook, too, and some people have said I cook well (feel free to contradict or validate me here).
Rubbed with spices and grilled, soaked in a bitter-sweet marinade and baked, or tossed with olive oil, lemon juice and fresh herbs...I love healthful, flavourful comestibles.

I have spoiled my palate with tasteful concoctions. Could this be why my stomach got so angry at me for eating tacos at the bowling alley? Because assoon as I fnished my mexican meal, my belly flipped and whipped angrily and I felt drugged and peevish.

It was a staff bowling party last night that I arranged. I tried so hard to ignore how sick I felt. But it hurt to hold a smile.

I work with swell people. It is rare to find people who are kind across the board (though I have my suspicions that it only takes one crap person to make a good environment seem sour). We loosened up last night and had a good time (despite my whirling gut) and it was a laugh.

But is it just me or is it a bit odd to come back to the office environment where everyone is so formal again? What tone do you adopt with your boss after doing a silly victory dance in front of him after your first strike?

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