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When is the election?
HOLY CRAP While I was reading about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's engagement, the US senate passed legislation banning partial birth abortions.

""For the first time in history bans a medical procedure without making any exception for the health of the woman," said Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. "This is a radical, radical thing that is about to happen here.... I never dreamed I'd be down here with senators who think they know more than doctors.""

  • NYT article

  • Salon article

    So now y'all are not only going to come up here for your pot and gay marriage, but also your right to choose?

    What about War Against Terrorism draft dodgers? Hell, Toronto needs a bit of disaffected Yankee guff. C'mon up! We can resurrect the urban commune and write manifestos!

  • Talking Points Jonah's article in The Nation.
  • "Western and Eastern Europe have similar abortion laws but the West has far greater access to effective contraception. They also have, respectively, the lowest and highest abortion rates in the world. "

    I know it doesn't always feel like a democracy, but they still need your votes. If I were a citizen due south, I know what I would do:

    Write your congressman
    Write your congressman
    Write your congressman
    Write your congressman
    Write your congressman
    Write your congressman
    Write your congressman
    Write your congressman

    is it just today, or are the euphemisms "pro-life" and "right to choose" and "partial birth" suddenly weird-sounding?

    Why is banning abortions after the first trimester unconstitutional? Read here: some thoughts here.

    According to the planned parenthood website, 88 percent of abortions are performed in the first trimester. Denial pregnancies, for example in the cases of teenagers, victims of rape and incest, and substance abusers are included in the remaining twelve per cent.

    Other medical indications may lead to abortion after 12 weeks: Discovery of serious fetal anomalies, such as severe genetic disorders, or conditions in which the woman's health is threatened or aggravated by continuing her pregnancy include:

    Malignant hypertension, including preeclampsia, out-of-control diabetes, heart failure, severe depression suicidal tendencies, serious renal disease, and certain types of infections (planned parenthood).

    read more.

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