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The question, when you are working in the Central Business District, is whether it is better or worse to take lunch.

Certainly, lunch is an important meal, but the act of taking a lunch break often has the effect of stretching out the length of the day and the stultifying temp tedium. But staying at your desk is often as bleak a prospect as descending the escalator, Persephone-like, into the flourescent food court.

Without a lunch break, you are clawing the arms of your Aeron chair by 3pm. You need something. Anything. Even a corporate coffee.

I saw Kate at Starb*cks at 3-ish yesterday. I blinked through my office-drone haze and saw her beaming. Kate has been temping like me, but has focused her spare time on completing her screenplay and applying for grants and awards. She had just returned from receiving the CBC award for emerging screenwriter.

Word to Kate. Word to her words and talent. Word to focus. Word to remembering to work for your dreams.

Also, I like soy chai. word to soy chai. Of all the things I have neglected in my last 3 months as a temp, it is my levity I miss the most. I am either takign things way too seriously or not seriously enough.

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