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Cover letters I wish I had written
I can build and manage your Web site and create kickass content to to fiill it. Essentially, I am two employees in one appealing package.

I have an affable disposition and a perverse sense of humour. People like to work with me. I have actually had it said to me that I was "the heart" of a workplace. This does not mean I don't have bad moods.

I am not planning on having babies any time soon.

I will never stab you in the back to get ahead, because I am not ambitious in that way. I want a good place to work with friendly people who get my jokes and let me do what I am good at doing and pay me enough so that I can manage both rent and student loan payments and still be able to have a modest social life while saving a bit each month.

I would like the office to be close enough to where I live so that I can bike to work. I would like to be able to see a window from where I sit and for that seat to not be under flourescent lighting.

I like to have a life outside of work, and I would like to have a schedule that lets me do volunteer stuff and sometimes show up after nine (and it will be trusted I will complete my work).

It would be really cool if you have a health plan. I just spent more than $200 dollars at the dentist and I lost my glasses. Also, my friend Rebecca gives wicked Shiatsu massage, and I hear massage is covered by most health plans.

A heads up: I would really like to move to Africa for a few months in the next five years, but I am not sure when or with what organization, as it is still in the works. But let's cross that bridge when we come to it.

Oh, and about the French. Let's be brutally honest here. When I say a "strong grasp" I don't mean I am billingual. I can chit chat with the Frenchies and get the gist of what is written and said, but I can't *work* in French.

FWIW, my spoken Hebrew is pretty good.

My dream job? Please don't ask me that in the interview, cuz it feels both really personal and abstract, and I am still working it out.

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