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Of Note
I want a bathrobe. A big, plush terrycloth bathrobe.
But I worry that:
a) I will spend all day in the bathrobe, and then it will be a lifestyle.
b)Terrycloth bathrobes are inherently unsexy.
c) I should have used the word capacious instead of big to show off my new, burgeoning vocabulary.

I am feeding my landlord's cat. She is a little tabby cat who makes me sneeze like a mofo. Some cats I am more allergic to than others. The cat is named "~"
As in Swinton.

As Chris and i filled the bowl with kibble (a 2-person job, apparently), we looked around us. They have:
a) A fixation on Catholic curios (religious or kitsch aesthetic?)
b) Otherwise a strikingly similar aesthetic to our own.

I had mud on my face all morning. Seriously. I did not check my face after I got off my bike, and my cheek was splattered with mud droplets. Otherwise, I look very sharp today in a tweed dress and black boots.
a) I often have mud or stains of my face, clothes, teeth, etc.
b) I have long hair that I forget to brush until it forms dreadlocks.
c) My mother told me that my clothes smell like they come from the home of untidy people.
d) I shower every day and do my laundry.
e) my mother has a very sensitive nose.

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