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Too much meat
Today I eat only vegetables. Too much meat is weighing me down.

Battle Royale was amazing (do not see if you are icked out by blood). In the future, classes of grade 8 students are exiled to a desert island to fight to the death. At the end of three days, only one can survive. They don't hit you over the head with the satire, which makes it all the more brilliant.

Chris picked up the latest Manitoba album and I listened to it all weekend. Lighter than his last album, with a happy buzz.

Friday night went for burgers at the Cadillac Lounge with Matt and Emily. Ugh, meat is intense. We went back to our place to play dao dai (sp?). I had never played before, and it was loads of fun, but I sucked at it.

Good lord, the turkey in my belly weighed heavy. We celebrated American Thanksgiving with Paul this Saturday at tthe chinatown apartment that Joey dubs "big trouble in little china".

Good company, including an awesome toddler named Irbi who came with his folks, Amber and Zooko. Do all kids like to jump on sofas?

Girlie brunch for the first time in ages on Sunday. Much needed. Had lots of work to do this weekend, and did not organize my time too well. Slept like the dead and had more dreams about the apocalypse. What is with that?

Finally: I just got into an argument with a co-worker. I told him that I am helping to build a web site for a same-sex marriage advocacy group and he looked at me like I had 9 heads.

I wanted to be patient, to find out what he really thought. Because with my friends, it is a non-issue. Until you think about it, that is, and then you realize the fact it is not legal means we have some seriously unexamined discrimination in our legal system. And that needs to change.

So I took issue with my coworker, but really, I think that I wanted to pick his brain. He is from India, and most arguments against gay marriage that I have heard come from the christian right.

His basic argument was that homosexuality comes from bad family structure and poor parenting. Nurture over Nature. And that homosexuality barely exists in India because family is so strong.

He says the most "absurd" scenario would be gay adoption of children. "Can you imagine the psychological problems a child would have..."

Um, I can't, actually. Because I have friends who were raised by a biological parent and their same-sex partner. And they are doing really well.

He has probably never even knowingly *met* a gay person. I certainly met a few LGBT's in India through different NGOs. They could not wait to vent to a Westerner (who would share their outrage) about the discrimination in India for those who dare to explore "non-traditional" sexual preferences.

I wanted to hear my co-worker out, out, but I am so pedantic.I had to fricking lecture him and alienate him, and now I feel bad. I have no patience these days, and it worries me.

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