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shaking up the grey matter
I think I need to adopt a whole new model of learning.
I was reading a couple of articles on autism last week (this week it is all about cougar attacks). The first was an excellent piece from Wired calledThe Geek Syndrome, recommended by Cory and the second was an article in the New Yorker last week about a family struggling to get proper education for their THREE kids with autism.

The latter article talked about learning patterns for kids whose synapses fire in a different order than the rest of us. They need
something called "ABA" learning. The theory is (and chris 'honkycracker' can prob elucidate for me) that "neurotypical" brains connect A directly to B; autistic brains "may connect from A to C to D to E before finally reaching B". Which can result in a lot of neuropathic "noise", hindering congitive processes and development.

ABA learning means teaching a specific task through constant repitition in order to drown out the "noise".

My point in bringing this up? I think I want to find my own tasks that will drown out the noise.

I have been wrestling with the way I learn and focus and approach tasks. Which is a huge huge topic that I usually ponder then abandon for all its intricacy.

But lately, I am thinking that perhaps something small new task, like walking to work instead of biking, or like writing for 1 hour every night, or even something that is not specifically "good for you" but is 'different' would shake up those noisy connections and make me re-think the way I am wired.

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