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so so so so tired I can't stay awake.

Started work at 8:30, had class at 6:30-9:30. Elana drove me home by 10 with raging hunger to find a note saying that Chris and Dawn had locked themselves out of the house and were at the Communist Daughter.
Though in my ravenous state, I thought they had written "we are cooked out" and it was only after a few brussel sprouts that I realised that there was probably more to the note.

Got on more bike-friendly clothes, zoomed down the freezing streets and got to the always-packed venue. Did not see them.
Called home. No message. Biked home, phone was ringing. They were at the Communist Daughter. I had not initially seen them because there was an unfamiliar man named "Richard" at our table who bore striking resemblance to Rich Robot (but none to Elana's Rich). This is toronto, Godammnit. If you are drinking alone, you sit at the BAR.

Biked down again, full of adrenaline for some reason, with extra jackets and everyone's wallets and drank a pint of Creemore way too quickly and chatted with the truly lovely Dawn. We got home by 12 and I was asleep by 12:45 and up again at 7.
Caffeine and a portugese custard tart are not waking me up. Someone, please cover for me while I crawl under the desk for a kip.

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